Harley Garbani exhibit opens at WSC

Last night more than 70 WSC members and supporters attended the sneak preview of our new permanent exhibit “Harley Garbani: Dinosaur Hunter”.
Harley Garbani grew up in the San Jacinto Valley, and it was during his childhood here that he developed his interest in paleontology and archaeology. He spent most of his life collecting fossils and artifacts in Southern California and in Garfield County, Montana. The Cretaceous Hell Creek Formation produced some of his most famous finds, including skulls of Tyrannosaurus and a juvenile Triceratops, casts of which are on display in our exhibit. His discoveries are housed in several museums, and he was the first recipient of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology’s Morris F. Skinner Award for “…outstanding and sustained contributions to scientific knowledge through the making of important collections of fossil vertebrates.”

After several years of fundraising and design work, we held a reception last night that was attended by Harley’s wife Mary and other members of the Garbani family, as well as by numerous WSC members and board members.



Starting today the Harley Garbani exhibit is open to everyone, and is included as part of the normal WSC admission.


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