Fossil Friday-camel humerus


In spite of the facts that camels are among the more common large animals from Diamond Valley Lake and are intrinsically cool, I’ve somehow managed to get almost halfway through 2016 without featuring them on Fossil Friday. I’ll rectify that today.

Above is a left humerus (upper arm) from Camelops hesternus. It’s shown anterior (or cranial) view, with the proximal (upper) end on the left. The profusion at the lower left corner is part of the humeral head, the “ball” part of the “ball-and-socket” joint at the shoulder, while the articulation for the radius and ulna (the elbow joint) is on the right.

This bone is still in its field jacket, and like many of the large bones from Diamond Valley Lake has only been partially prepared. Slowly but surely we’re going to be finishing the preparation work on these bones, but it’s a process that will take many years.


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