Valley of the Mastodons

VOMLogo2I missed doing a Fossil Friday post last week. But my reason was a good one: that was the opening day for our new exhibit, Valley of the Mastodons!

Valley of the Mastodons was more than just an exhibit, however. It started with a 3-day symposium with 17 scientists and science communicators from the US and Canada examining the WSC mastodon collection, giving presentations, engaging with the public, and helping with the exhibit. Besides being what we believe to be the largest exhibit of mastodons in history, we’re attempting to break new ground in making the act of research itself part of outreach, in real time.

We had pretty good media exposure, with more to come:


PLOS Paleo Community

The Press-Enterprise

Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week

I’ll have lots more to say about Valley of the Mastodons in the future, including at the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology in Calgary later this month. But for now I want to thank our sponsors and supporters¬†Golden Village Palms RV Resort,¬†Abbott Vascular,¬†Bone Clones, and Brian Engh Paleoart, as well as the participants that made this event such a success! Below are bunches of pictures from the event:








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