Fossil Friday – vole dentary

While other projects have taken priority in recent weeks, we’ve still been making steady progress on our small but diverse collection of fossil mammals for Harveston, at the northern end of Temecula.

I recently purchased a new camera, and tested its macro capabilities by making a photogrammetric model or a rodent jaw. These images are screenshots of the resulting 3D model after uploading to Sketchfab. At top is lateral view, and below is occlusal:

This is the anterior end of the right dentary. The 1st and 2nd molars are present, but the exposed part of the incisor is broken off, as is everything posterior to the 2nd molar. The enamel pattern on the occlusal surface of the teeth is typical of cricetid rodents, specifically voles of the genus Microtus. So far Microtus is the only genus of rodent we’ve positively identified from Harveston.

The 3D model is available as a free download at Sketchfab:


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