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Valley of the Mastodons

VOMLogo2I missed doing a Fossil Friday post last week. But my reason was a good one: that was the opening day for our new exhibit, Valley of the Mastodons! Continue reading


SE GSA meeting Day 2

2015-03-21cI’m on my way back home from the SE GSA conference, and I finally have a chance to write about the second day of the meeting. Things got very busy at the WSC booth (we sold most of our inventory of casts!), and as a result I missed the entire morning session of talks except for  single poster. Continue reading

Geological Society of America Southeastern section meeting

2015-03-19aI’m currently on a trip back east, primarily to give presentations at two different professional conferences. After meeting up with my wife, Brett, we drove to Chicago to attend the National Science Teachers’ Association meeting. While there we conducted a workshop on producing virtual field trip e-books for iPads, and gave a presentation on WSC’s paleontology teaching kits; Brett gave additional presentations on using mammal skulls to teach about trophic levels and on webquests. We then left Chicago and headed south to Chattanooga for the Geological Society of America Southeastern Section meeting (SEGSA). Continue reading