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Valley of the Mastodons

VOMLogo2I missed doing a Fossil Friday post last week. But my reason was a good one: that was the opening day for our new exhibit, Valley of the Mastodons! Continue reading


Crazy dental pathology


This post was originally published on my old VMNH blog, “Updates from the Paleontology Lab”, on March 8, 2010. The post includes anatomical observations that are relevant to human evolution; WSC’s exhibit on human origins, “Stepping Out of the Past”, is open until May 21.

Next week I’m attending the Geological Society of America Northeastern/Southeastern Section meeting, and I’ll be posting daily updates on that conference. Prior to leaving for the conference, I’ll be taking most of this week off. I thought an explanation for my absence is justified, especially as it involves some interesting information about mammal teeth. Continue reading

The role of museums

dscn0334Inspired by Brian Switek’s recent article in Aeon, I was reminded of a post I wrote several years ago for “Updates from the Paleontology Lab” about different types of institutions that describe themselves with the term “museum”. What follows is an updated and edited version of that post.

Continue reading

Fossil Friday – sloth vertebra

Paramylodon harlani (1)One of the most enjoyable things about writing this blog is that I have the chance to learn about the anatomy of animals that are relatively unfamiliar to me. While I’ve done a little work on sloths in the past, their somewhat unusual skeletal anatomy can be tricky for someone who has mostly worked on other animals. Continue reading

Western Science Center theropod invasion?

I arrived at work this morning to find what appeared to be several muddy tracks in the museum parking lot. While they weren’t arranged in an organized trackway, they were numerous.  Continue reading

On animal cognition

Martinsville, VA
13 October 2007

Inspired by Roy Mason’s lecture at WSC last Thursday I decided to republish this post from my old blog. This was originally published at my old blog, “Updates from the Paleontology Lab” on April 6, 2011 under the title “And now for something a little different…”. Continue reading