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Valley of the Mastodons

VOMLogo2I missed doing a Fossil Friday post last week. But my reason was a good one: that was the opening day for our new exhibit, Valley of the Mastodons! Continue reading


Fossils of my youth

Inspired by the #GatewayFossil hashtag on Twitter, I’m reposting this piece that I originally published at “Updates from the Paleontology Lab” on June 9, 2009.

My first exposure to fossils in the field (as opposed to in a museum) occurred when I was around 5 years old. Continue reading

The role of museums

dscn0334Inspired by Brian Switek’s recent article in Aeon, I was reminded of a post I wrote several years ago for “Updates from the Paleontology Lab” about different types of institutions that describe themselves with the term “museum”. What follows is an updated and edited version of that post.

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Fossil Friday – Stories from Bones exhibit

Stories from Bones logo

For Fossil Friday this week, I want to highlight Western Science Center’s new exhibit “Stories from Bones”, which opens tomorrow. Continue reading

SE GSA meeting Day 2

2015-03-21cI’m on my way back home from the SE GSA conference, and I finally have a chance to write about the second day of the meeting. Things got very busy at the WSC booth (we sold most of our inventory of casts!), and as a result I missed the entire morning session of talks except for  single poster. Continue reading

WSC’s Fossil Preparation Exhibit


Like most collections-based museums, the Western Science Center has far more specimens than we could ever put on exhibit. We want to make our collections and procedures accessible to as many people as we can, but there are all kinds of technical, financial, and security hurdles. Even so, we’re always exploring new ways to accomplish this, and today we’re launching our latest effort — a fossil preparation demonstration area on the exhibit floor. Continue reading

Prehistoric OC

I spent several hours yesterday at Prehistoric OC, a science festival organized by The Cooper Center and held at Ralph B. Clark Regional Park in Buena Park. Over 25 different information booths and attractions were available for visitors, as well as lectures throughout the day.

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Repost – The making of a scientist

2011-03-04a copyThis morning Anthony Martin published a beautiful tribute at his blog Life Traces of the Georgia Coast, describing the importance of parental support and maximizing childhood opportunities in becoming a scientist, especially when growing up poor. Seemingly small acts of kindness and support can have dramatic and lasting effects. Reading his post, I was inspired to republish a post from my old blog, Updates from the Paleontology Lab. This was originally published in March 2011, on my 42nd birthday. Continue reading