Fossil Friday – mastodon jaw fragment


As we build up to our new exhibit opening, I’ll continue the Month of Mastodons with a partial lower jaw. Continue reading


Fossil Friday – mastodon partial skull


Our latest mastodon installment as we approach the “Valley of the Mastodons” exhibit opening 3 weeks from now is “Braces”, a partial mastodon skull from the San Diego Canal. Continue reading

Fossil Friday – mastodon calcaneum

IMG_5289Continuing with our mastodon spree in preparation for next month’s “Valley of the Mastodons” workshop and exhibit, this week for Fossil Friday we have a mastodon calcaneum. Continue reading

Fossil Friday – mastodon axis vertebra

With the opening of the Valley of the Mastodons exhibit a little over a month away, we’ve started pulling specimens from the collections to work on layouts. The lab and collections workroom are full of mastodons! Continue reading

Fossil Friday – mastodon caudal vertebra

As promised, as we prepare for the Valley of the Mastodons workshop and exhibit, I’m going to be talking even more than usual about mastodons. We have hundreds of mastodon bones in the WSC collections, and we have to examine them all over the next month to decide what’s going on exhibit (which will be most of them). Continue reading

Fossil Friday – mastodon molar

This August we’re opening a major new exhibit and hosting an associated workshop at Western Science Center, Valley of the Mastodons. In the lead-up to the exhibit/workshop, I’m going to be talking about mastodons even more than usual. Continue reading

Fossil Friday – Bison humerus

This rather stout bone is one of our best-preserved bison humeri. This is the left humerus, shown above in anterior view. 

The distal end, at the elbow joint, is on the left, while the proximal end (shoulder joint) is on the right. Bison have a large knob of bone called the lateral tuberosity which is broken off of this specimen; it should be at located at the lower right. The darker lines and patches are sediment that has not yet been removed.  Continue reading

Fossil Friday – new mastodon CT scans

Almost two years ago we took Max’s lower jaw to California Imaging and Diagnostics for a CT scan. We got some fascinating data that raised a lot of new questions, so to help answer them we recently took a second mastodon to CID for scanning. Continue reading

Fossil Friday – mammoth jaw

Most of the current collections growth at the Western Science Center comes in the form of mitigation projects, fossils and artifacts that are recovered during various construction projects. Most of the projects that have come to us are from Riverside County, but we’re increasingly starting to bring in material from other areas. Continue reading

Fossil Friday – Paramylodon claw

Sloths are fascinating animals, with all kinds of strange anatomical features. One of their signature characters is their enormous claws. 
Continue reading