Fossil Friday – hadrosaur bones

Menefee hadro arms.jpg

Being wrong is part of the scientific process. Scientists make new discoveries every day, and sometimes prior ideas are supported and sometimes they are refuted as we learn more.

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Fossil Friday – camel tooth

IMG_2467Every day on my way to work, I drive past a farm that among its denizens counts several camels. Apart from the fun of seeing these large, strange mammals, they also serve as a reminder that wild camels once roamed across North America, until their extinction around 12,000 years ago.

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Fossil Friday – mastodon skull update


A few weeks ago I wrote about a mastodon skull we had moved into the lab for additional prep work. Kind of a lot has happened since then. Continue reading

Fossil Friday – Invictarx zephyri


Nodosaurid_Final signed

Art by Kara Kelley, 2018

Welcome Invictarx zephyri!

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Fossil Friday – mastodon skull


We haven’t talked much about mastodons on the blog lately, but that doesn’t mean they’ve been forgotten. We’ve been doing a lot of work scanning, measuring, and otherwise documenting the mastodons in our collection, and we’re doing additional preparation work on some of them. The specimen featured in this week’s post was moved into our preparation lab a few days ago for additional work. Continue reading

Fossil Friday – ceratopsian horn core


After a successful expedition earlier this summer, the Western Science Center crew returned to the Menefee Formation of New Mexico last week to search for more fossils of dinosaurs and other creatures that roamed the area 80 million years ago. Continue reading

Fossil Friday – vole dentary

While other projects have taken priority in recent weeks, we’ve still been making steady progress on our small but diverse collection of fossil mammals for Harveston, at the northern end of Temecula. Continue reading

Fossil Friday – a whale for WSC

IMG_7551A few weeks ago, Western Science Center took delivery of the first fossil whale in our collection. Continue reading

Fossil Friday – softshell turtle


Turtles have a long and amazing fossil record, appearing around 260 million years ago, even before the earliest-known dinosaurs.

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Fossil Friday – hadrosaur tibia


So far, most of the Late Cretaceous fossils I have shared with you for Fossil Friday have been from the Hell Creek Formation of Montana and were collected over a number of years by the late Harley Garbani. The Hell Creek dates to the very end of the age of dinosaurs, just before the mass extinction 66 million years ago.

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